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4 weeks ago

5 Essential Skills For Your Career Success

Whatever approach you may define your own goals of success, the critical factor is located within your mind power.

Visionary Skills

spiritual Skills

Health/Wellness Abilities - pertaining to Balance

Performance skills - regarding Sensitivity

Visionary Abilities - regarding Insight

Leadership Abilities - pertaining to Power

Spiritual skills - for Harmony

We often commence our profession defining what we know being success, as well as work for it passionately years following years. That brings freedom through worry along with pain, and offers purpose along with meaning for you to our life.

It will be amazing just how much details w

1 month ago

Real Estate :: A Real Estate Millionaire By Dean Graziosi (Page 1 Of 2)

So be ready when purchasing along with renovating a rental house. Additionally anyone don't have to spend a new lot of money. place the particular indicators in areas regarding the community in which you realize have been in distress but nonetheless have got desirable real estate properties. Currently, 82% state obtaining 95% or even much a lot more of asking house prices. The Actual change more than one 12 months had been a growth associated with 7%. Ounga Commercial Agencies Director, Mr. In Order To generate income on this business, an individual must be in a position to offer contracts to purchase houses. some individuals may believe that improving your house just isn't required given that they are only likely to market it anyway, however that series involving believed will definitely cost you cash in the end. HousesUnderFiftyThousand.

Winter can also be one of the reduced factors inside selling homes. For You To earn money on this business, anyone has to become able to be capable of sell contracts to get houses. To End Up Being Able To expert investors, any person's training or even knowledge of a excellent investment is merely by far the single greatest determinant regarding risk. " A Few Realtors turn out to end up being able to be discouraged at this news. Allowing Mental Poison enter The Mind.

Article Directory: http://www. Cheers!Don R CampbellSenior AnalystDon@reincanada.

Second, you'll by natural means want an atmosphere which mirrors the desires in life. Your obtain of a vehicle is usually a substantial investment for your individual that has journey inside their daily lives. So, furthermore to be able to searching to get a good value, additionally they look for a strong team operating these investments.

About the particular Author:Lori English can be a Los Angeles real-estate agent, broker and internet company woman. credit Default Swaps (CDS) .. There's valid reason for this, as franchises offer the actual benefits of business ownership together using the assistance system and also enterprise model of an previously productive business.

Then there are the particular unfounded fears in which pertaining to several unidentified reason, your own vendor and/or the buyer will revolt in closing once they "discover" you are making a profit. When you have been trying for you to find stability in what appear to be extremely unstable times, a new Los Angeles real Estate Investing group has everything you have to help you along with property investing. Probably since real estate is definitely an perfect inclusion for you to any portfolio for those seeking sound, long term financial gains

9 months ago

10 Statistics That Capture The Dangers of Texting and Driving

On June 8, a report was released stating that Tennessee bus view site... crash that left two young girls and a teacher's aide dead last December was the result of texting and driving. James Davenport, the driver of the bus, was found dead in his home on June 1.

While this story is tragic, texting and driving is far from unusual. A staggering 49 percent of adults admit to texting and driving, even though 98 percent of adults say they know the practice is unsafe.

Below are 10 statistics that show how dangerous texting and driving really is.


Number of Americans killed every day from motor vehicle accidents that involved distracted driving, such as using a cellphone, texting or eating.

1 in 4

The probability that a motor vehicle crash involved a cellphone.


The percentage of teens who say they have been a passenger in a car whose driver used a cellphone in a way that put them in danger.


The percentage of U.S. drivers ages 18 to 64 who reported reading or writing text messages while driving in the previous month. In comparison, only 15 percent of drivers from Spain reported texting while driving in the same period.


Number of motor vehicle crashes in 2013 that involved texting.


How much using a cellphone while driving increases the risk of a crash.


Number of seconds a driver can safely glance away from the road while operating a motor vehicle.


Number of seconds drivers take their eyes off the road to send a text message, on average.


Number of states (plus Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands) where texting is banned for all drivers, regardless of age.

21 - 24

Age group most likely to send a text or email message while driving, according to a 2012 survey.

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9 months ago

Hottest markets for buying real estate in 2016 | In the Greenroom - Fox & Friends

This week's top picks from real estate expert for Sam Debianchi:


202 Fifth St., Providence RI 02906

4 beds, 2 full , 1 half baths, 1,869 sq ft, 0.27 acres lot

CLICK HERE for more information.

ST. LOUIS - 4-BEDROOM FOR $459,000

7034 Cornell Ave, Saint Louis MO 63130

4 beds, 2 full , 1 half baths, 2,700 sq ft, 5,793 sq ft lot

CLICK HERE for more information.


2600 Belvedere Ave, Charlotte NC 28205

3 beds, 2 full baths, 1,910 sq ft, 0.33 acres lot

CLICK HERE for more information.


275 Lackland Ct, Atlanta GA 30350

4 beds, 3 full, 1 half baths, 3,260 sq ft

CLICK HERE for more information.



2 Stacy Kellams Sunset Ln, Boston MA 02124

3 beds, 1 full , 1 half baths, 1,274 sq ft, 5,510 dean graziosi book download sq ft lot

CLICK HERE for more information.

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9 months ago

Alan Greenspan: US real estate is stagnating

It's Alan Greenspan's top concern right now. The former chairman of the Federal Reserve says real estate in the U.S. is stagnating.

Sure, some cities are seeing buildings (and prices) rising, but construction of both homes and commercial properties overall isn't back to where it was before the Great Recession.

"We haven't come out of the bottom," Greenspan told CNNMoney's Cristina Alesci. "We are in the position now of secular stagnation."

Secular stagnation has become a buzz word for little to no growth.

Greenspan says that before the recession, about 8% of America's economy was from construction of houses and buildings that were expected to last for 20-plus years. Now that sector makes up only 4% of U.S. GDP (gross domestic product, the standard measure of economic growth).

While Greenspan acknowledges the most recent housing data is showing a little bit of pick up, he says, "Single family housing is still only one-third of where they [sic] were in 2006 and earlier."

Related: 10 most overpriced housing markets

The problem: The reason this is so alarming to Greenspan is that prior to the Great Recession, America experienced 10 recessions and recoveries since World War II. In each of those 10 recoveries, construction -- both residential and non-residential -- was a big driver of the rebound.

His sentiments have been echoed by other leading real estate experts.

Karl "Chip" Case, the co-creater of the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, told CNNMoney last year that after 50 years of pretty solid gains, the housing market is a "crapshoot" now.

"You've got much more negative vibrations in the housing surveys about homeownership than we ever had before," Case said.

Related: Warning signs in the housing market

Hangover from the recession: Of course, almost exactly a decade ago Greenspan famously warned Congress of "froth" in the housing market.

On June 9, 2005, Greenspan told the Joint Economic Committee dean graziosi complaints of Congress, "Although a bubble in home prices for the nation as a whole does not appear likely, there does appear to be, at a minimum, signs of froth in some local markets, where home prices seem to have risen to unsustainable levels."

That "froth" turned out to be the build up to a major crisis. Too many people bought homes they could not really afford.

The question now is whether there is truly a "new normal" for American real estate or whether the nation will -- and should -- return to the levels before the recession.

CNNMoney (New York) First published June 10, 2015: 3:45 PM ET

9 months ago

Philips healthcare wins C$300 million contract in Canada | Reuters

AMSTERDAM Philips said on Tuesday it has won a C$300 million ($226 mln) long-term contract to act as medical technology supplier and consultant to Canadian healthcare provider Mackenzie Health.

CEO Frans van Houten said the 18-year contract with Mackenzie is the kind of deal that will become increasingly important to Philips when it becomes a pure "health tech" company next year. Philips is in the process of selling its lighting division, the world's largest lighting maker.

In the past, Philips and major competitors Siemens and General Electric competed primarily on the price and quality of individual high-end healthcare machines such as CT scanners or patient monitoring systems.

Under the deal with Mackenzie, Philips will collaborate in the design and outfitting of Mackenzie's systems and equipment, including room layout and IT design, with the goal of lowering costs and improving patients' health.

In a telephone interview, Van Houten said the goal is to manage the process as a whole, from preventing health problems in the first place all the way through to care after a patient returns home from a hospital stay.

"A siloed approach between suppliers doesn't really help hospitals well enough" anymore, Van Houten said.

"You need to follow the patient (throughout an interface with the health system) and you need to integrate the data."

The deal is one of a number Brightstar Care Franchising the company has inked in recent years of increasing size, he said.

In 2013 and 2014 it signed $300 million deals with Georgia Regents Medical Center and Karolinska Hospital in Sweden. In June it signed a $500 million deal with U.S. Westchester Medical Center Health Network, its largest contract of this kind to date.

(Reporting by Toby Sterling; Editing by Susan Fenton)

9 months ago

Our Economist's Top Tips for Selling a Home in 2016

If you're planning to sell your house this year, well, you're in luck.

"The 2016 housing market is forecasted to be mainly a seller's market, filled with increasing home prices, relatively low inventory, and fierce competition between buyers," says Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for

But you could still make missteps on the way to the bank. Yes, your house will likely sell, but when? Remember, time is money.

"For sellers, it's about understanding the ins and outs of their local market so they can optimize the price of their home

9 months ago

Centennial Real Estate Company, Montgomery Street Partners and USAA Real Estate Company Acquire Five Westfield Properties for $1.1B

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dallas-based Centennial Real Estate Company (Centennial), Montgomery Street Partners (MSP), the real estate investment affiliate of Blum Capital Partners (Blum), and USAA Real Estate Company, announced today a $1.1 billion acquisition of five regional malls from Westfield Corporation (Westfield).

Centennial wi

9 months ago

Mike Whitfield Offers Free Bodyweight Workout PDF

Mike Whitfield, who has lost an amazing 105 pounds, reveals a revolutionary new bodyweight program called, Bodyweight Torch that uses new and unique bodyweight exercises and more. This is the most exciting bodyweight program Ive ever put together for anyone who wants to lose weight but doesnt have access to any equipment, said Whitfield.

Bodyweight Torch, a brand new 4-day-per-week program that utilizes a variety of advanced bodyweight exercises and bodyweight conditioning, was just launched to Whitfields subscribers as a thank-you for being a reader of his website.

He went on to say, I wanted to give something back and I knew that a full bodyweight workout would be perfect so that anyone can Dean Graziosi use them, even when they are traveling or dont have the time to make it to their gym. This bodyweight workout routine uses a variety of innovative exercises and techniques that everyone will benefit from. People will be surprised at how well they can work up a sweat through the bodyweight cardio exercises without having to step foot on a treadmill or elliptical. This bodyweight routine is a lot of fun and people will love the unique bodyweight exercises compared to the same old pushups and sit-ups. But more importantly, anyone who uses this program will learn how to lose weight using just bodyweight exercises.

Mike is giving this away free here at


11 months ago

National In-Home Care Franchise Recognized for Upholding High Standards of Health Care for Third Consecutive Year

BrightStar Treatment got The Joint Payment's Business Champ for

Quality award in 2013, 2014, and also 2015, and also is dedicated to having each

of its firms adhere to Joint Compensation requirements. "This recognition

sets us aside from other home treatment companies as well as locations BrightStar

Treatment as a provider of selection for individuals and also health systems who seek

treatment companions whose focus is simply on supplying a higher standard of


CHICAGO--(COMPANY WIRE)-- For the third year in a row, The Joint Compensation has actually recognized BrightStar.

Treatment, a nationwide home treatment and also medical st